Happy Strawberry Hair Perfume Cinco de Mayo!

hair perfume and cinco de mayoHappy Cinco de Mayo friends! I hope you are spending today with those you love! But be careful when you go and be smart! Also carry a bottle of strawberry hair perfume with you as you go! Nobody wants that party all day sweaty smell.

Hair Perfume Parties

hair perfume and cinco de mayoOne of my favorite things in the world is an ice cold frozen strawberry margarita. With a fresh lime. Salt around the rim. Usually people put sugar but the drink is so sweet I love the contrast of the salt. So for this celebration weekend I’ll be toting around my bottle of Strawberry scented hair spray. It’s going to be a strawberry fiesta. I’m feeling real fruity tooty!

I also have something very exciting to announce! For right now if you make an online order of $60 or more you can save 10% with the promo code STOCKUP. This is excludes bundles but this way you can create your own! Or just buy 10 bottles of Strawberry hair mist. The choice is yours. Even I myself get obsessed with a particular scent and only want that one for a month or two. Yes, you caught me, it’s Strawberry this month and I’m out spreading my Strawberry hair fragrance agenda!

Comment below and let me know what you got up to this weekend and which Hair Shots flavor is your current obsession!

See you next week,