Perfume Hair Mist Summertime Beach Days!

perfume hair mist and hair shots usesSummmmmmmmmer is here! It’s hot and I’m sweaty. So obviously I’m carrying around literally every bottle of perfume hair mist I have. But I just can’t wait to have a beach day. It’s all I have been dreaming about. It’s making work just slightly difficult. I feel like my daily schedule is starting to look a little like this: send an email, imagine I’m on the beach, repeat. Yeah, that about covers it. Is anyone else having this problem? Now I’m just picturing that you are all yelling YES ME at your computer screens.

Perfume Hair Mist Beach Ready

My pick for this week’s hair fragrance is Asian Green. Every spray seriously feels like I just washed my hair at the spa. This incredibly fresh earthy scent is perfect for my beach days. Because who wants to smell like salt water and sunscreen? I sure don’t. So packing list for the beach goes a little something like sunscreen, big fat towel, shades, and Asian Green hair perfume. Oh and also snacks. You have to have snacks. Duh.

Comment and let me what beach you’ll be hitting up this summer and which hair perfume you prefer to add to those beach waves you’ll for sure get after a dip in the ocean. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates and use code STOCKUP to save 10% off all orders over $60!!

See you next week,