Hair Deodorizer for Father’s Day Celebrations

hair deodorizer and hair shots holidayHappy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there, those filling a father’s role, and those with father’s who have since passed on into the heavens. We love and appreciate you. I hope you all found the perfect gift or card to gift (did someone say hair deodorizer…). Or maybe you made a special breakfast? I would love to hear everyone’s stories from today.

Did you know that we are also right in the midst of Watermelon season? Did you also know that I just so happen to have a hair perfume in the scent of…Watermelon? Talk about meant to be am I right? It’s summertime and nothing is as refreshing for a summer snack like a big fat slice of watermelon. Plus it’s hydrating. Right? Because of the water? Okay maybe I don’t understand the science behind watermelon but I know it smells real nice.

So when you are out there having a lake day with your dad, make sure to grab a big giant watermelon for lunch and bottle of Watermelon hair deodorizer to toss in the beach bag. Talk about a perfect combination. Thankfully the watermelon you buy from me doesn’t have any seeds!

After applying all the proper amounts of sunscreen and making sure your shades match your suit, remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on all things Hair Shots! Comment below with your favorite memory of your dad or father figure. I super love hearing all your stories!

See you next week,