A Hair Fragrance Summer is Here!

hair fragrance and hair shots beautyHello summer! It’s hair fragrance summer sweaty season am I right? Okay but seriously it was just the official first day of summer and I cannot wait to spend all my free hours laying out by the pool soaking up the sun. I even bought a new giant pool float. It’s a slice of pizza. It’s amazing. Do you have a favorite pool floatie? What plans do you have for the summer?

I am hoping to host lots of pool parties. I want all my friends to come over and for us to totally pig out on watermelon, sweet tea, and gallons of ice cream. Doesn’t that sound just like a dream? But remember, I live in Texas, and the Texas heat is real ya’ll. You have to be careful! I’m already making sure to keep my cabinets fully stocked on sunscreen…and Hair Shots of course!

This week I am non-stop spraying Cotton Candy hair fragrance. I don’t know what it is about summer but it gives me the biggest sweet tooth! This is just one way of feeding it without worrying about going to the dentist later. No thank you. Summer is supposed to be fun right? And not full of things we hate doing! So why not also have fun with your hair and style? Wear those bright colors. Get a neon orange pedicure. And buy that sky blue headband you’ve been starting at online for weeks. (These may all be from current personal experience!) So what new adventurous decisions will you make this week?

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See you next week,