Hair Mist loves Petal Jolie Salon and You!

hair mist and petal jolie salonYour beloved hair mist company has joined the shelves of the incredible Petal Jolie Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. I am totally amped about this! Petal Jolie is seriously such a magical place full of wonderful people.

Hair Mist for All Occasions

They specialize in professional color, cut, and extensions. Also offering makeup, wedding, and lash extension packages. Whatever you need, this salon can get it done. Even for your big day! They also sell a variety of hair care including…yours truly! Honestly, I am honored because how much I love this place.

This week my go-to hair perfume is Apple Pear. I feel like I haven’t used this scented hair spray in a while, so it feels good to take it off the shelf and put it to work. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a spritz of Apple Pear keeps the stinky hair away. Which we all know is super important since we are entering the hottest month of the year – July! Tis the season of warmer days but even sweeter locks.

I can’t believe how fast this year is going but every day has been sweet with YOU all in my life! YOU are the reason Hair Shots is where it is today and I couldn’t be more grateful. So keep spreading the hair scents love and comment below with your favorite salon that you wish sold Hair Shots!

See you next week,