Top Notch Style with Top Knot Luscious Locks!

luscious locksLooking luscious lady with your luscious locks! What’s that you say? It’s a top knot day? Girl, who says your hair can’t be just as fabulous even when you’re rocking the fun bun?! Not me. And I’m a big fan of the bun. Sometimes weekends get to be a little too much fun and you’d rather get some extra minutes of sleep instead spending those extra minutes on your do. That’s totally fine girl, do your thing. But do it with Hair Shots!

Are you on day 4 of not washing your hair? Yes! Day 4! I said it and I do it. Deal with it. But nothing helps me get that super duper luscious locks in a knot quite like dry shampoo and my bottle of Asian Green hair perfume. This hair fragrance is my favorite one to use when I’m trying to play off that I have fresh and clean hair. Lol! It’s like a rainforest on my head. And isn’t that how you would want to smell getting right out of the shower anyway? It’s like having Mother Nature trickle down my tresses and completely recycling my hair for a new day. Pure jungle magic. Go green with Asian Green scented hair spray.

Ignore the haters who say you have to wash your hair every day and live your twice-a-week hair washing life! It’s the best life if you ask me. Gives you more time to be a girl boss. Follow me and stay fabulous my friends.

See you next week,