Sweeten Your Hair with Some Sugar Fluff and Stuff

Can you believe it’s already September? School is in session and it’s almost fair season! Yes, you heard me correctly. Now avid readers of my blog should know that I looooove the fair. LOVE. IT. I mean I can already smell the corn dogs and cowboy boots and the fizzy pop of Dr Pepper and of course…Cotton Candy! Which is a good thing because I have the perfect accessory for any breezy day at the local fair.

Sweeten Your Hair

sweeten your hairLet’s be honest, it’s hot. End of August and the beginning of September always seem to be this last little push of summer heat waves trying real hard to get us into the autumn season. I don’t totally love it, but good thing I’ve always got Hair Shots in my back pocket to help me get through it, am I right? Who needs circus hair when you can have fair hair? It’s so much better! You’ll be living your best life on that ferris wheel and when you step off you’ll smell amazing! Who cares if your do is a little wind blown? With Cotton Candy hair fragrance you’ll be the star of the show. How wonderful and magical does that sound?  So get on it ladies! It’s time to beat the heat with none other than heat activated hair perfumes! That’s right, remember, that’s one of my favorite parts of Hair Shots, the hotter you get, the better you smell. Woo!

Okay my friends, it’s Labor Day weekend and there’s a lake calling my name. Don’t worry, the fair is next. 😉

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See you next week,