Hair Goals, Friend Goals, & More!

Sometimes hashtags speak truth am I right? Like the one for Hair Goals…oh wait, I’m sorry, I mean #HairGoals. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of looking that one up on the gram all the time. Or maybe you’re the type that prefers #SquadGoals? #RelationshipGoals? #FitnessGoals? #EducationGoals? CareerGoals? Goodness there are so many goals to be had!

Hair Goals and Goals and Goals

hair goals Here’s what I think. I think it doesn’t matter what goals you have as long as you have goals. You know why? Because if you have goals then you have the determination to reach them. I firmly believe that the biggest step in reaching your dreams is simply creating one. You’re already half way there if you figured out what you want. And trust me, sometimes just figuring out what you want takes time. And that’s okay baby girl, there’s no need to rush. Right now, if you just want to reach #HairGoals, then I am here to help…with my squad. I got 9 friends ready to have your back whenever you need them! Their names are Citrus Sugar, Cotton Candy, Asian Green, Strawberry, Cupcake, Watermelon, Coconut Mango, Apple Pear, and Bamboo. And they are all here for you. Any time, any day, any problem. Now that’s what I call #SquadGoals.

Comment below and let me know who makes up your squad and which Hair Shot you would give them to have the best #HairGoals.

See you next week,