Watermelon Hair Scent Spray All Day!

September 1st! Can you believe it’s already here? Hair scent spray is gearing up for fall…but maybe not just yet. How are the first weeks of school going? I am thinking everyone should be back in session at this point. But oh how I am going to miss summer! Especially summer foods.

hair scent spray and back to schoolWatermelon Hair Scent Spray

You have probably already guessed which hair fragrance is going to be my last hope of summer – watermelon! Seriously this is my favorite snack during the days when the sweating just won’t stop. And it’s a perfect sweet treat that you can’t overeat! I also love adding salt or tajin seasoning. Trust me, it’s delicious. So why wouldn’t I also use it in hair shots?! I’m packing a bottle of watermelon hair fragrance into literally every bag I use. A backpack, a purse, my gym bag, my work bag…if there’s a spot for a bottle, it’s in there.

And kiddos, you can keep it right next to your pencils. Erase the stink with a bottle of watermelon hair scent. You won’t regret it. Now speaking of school, what are you loving so far? Parents, are you loving having a kid free home for a few hours? Or do you miss them too much?

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