Which Flavor Are You?

Can you believe it is already August? And you know what that means, school is just around the corner. I love the start of a new school year and all the sports that follow. My wonderful football season is quickly approaching!

But of course, with the fall comes cheerleading and volleyball! I can’t leave out those wonderful activities. So now comes the decision ladies, which Hairshot flavor will you pick for the new upcoming school year? 

Take the quiz below and see what scents might work for you!

1. It’s friday night, do you…

  • A. Go out for a girls night
  • B. Stay in and watch movies
  • C. Go to the football game

2. It’s time to for extracurriculars, do you join…

  • A. Homecoming committee
  • B. Book club
  • C. A sports team

3. You are shopping for a new backpack, do you pick…

  • A. The hot pink one with rhinestone detail
  • B. The brown leather side bag
  • C. The baby blue sport bag with pockets

4. When shopping for your Homecoming dress, do you pick…

  • A. The red, satin, floor length gown
  • B. The cream, empire waist gown with a light pink bow
  • C. The short black dress with lots of poof

5. When at the first football game, do you…

  • A. Sit with all your girls and gossip about who looks the best in their football uniform
  • B. Sit with your friends, quietly clapping when they score while munching on a pretzel
  • C. Standing in the front row with a huge foam finger and face paint


If you answered mostly A’s, you are definitely the outgoing party girl looking for some fun and will love the scents Cotton Candy, Cupcake, and Watermelon.

If you answered mostly B’s, you are definitely a book worm, but you love being social too, you will love the scents Bamboo and Asian Green.

If you answered mostly C’s, you are not only cheering on the guys but most likely playing sports yourself! You will love the scents Coconut Mango, Strawberry, and Apple Pear.

So what scents are a match for you? Let me know!

See you next Monday,