Cupcake Hair Scent Spray for the End of Summer!

hair scent spray and ice cream sweetSay it ain’t so. Tell me summer isn’t coming to an end. I know I talked about this last week but I feel like time is just flying right past me! I’ve got my cupcake hair scent spray in my left hand and an ice cream cone in my right hand. I am clinging on folks! Clinging!

Hair Scent Spray Summer

Now my beach days may be coming to a close but nothing makes me feel all warm inside like a delicious vanilla cupcake. Which is exactly what I want my hair to smell like. Warmer days, but even sweeter locks. Because here’s the thing folks, summer may be over and school might be in session for the kiddos but guess what doesn’t leave until mid-October? The heat! So ya girl is going to be real sweaty for much longer. And we know the ONLY way to beat the smelly sweaty heat hair is with a nice cold bottle of Hair Shots!

Seriously I keep a bottle in the fridge. You have to all try it. It makes those sprays on hot days sooooo much more relaxing and refreshing! I also have an aloe vera face mask that I keep in the fridge so it’s cool to the touch when I apply it my crazy dry skin. So big proponent of keeping beauty products in the fridge if you live in hot areas! That’s my summer beauty tip for the week. Sort of like my little self care secret. What are your biggest little know tips?

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