Hair Deodorizer is a Perfect Fit for Your Son or Daughter!

Happy hair deodorizer blog day everyone! Did you know that today is national son and daughter’s day? My kids normally think that’s every day of the year but I guess today is actually the correct day. Oh well.

Hair Deodorizer for All

hair deodorizer and sibling funNow I’m sure most of you think that Hair Shots is mostly a product for girls. But my oh my have I fooled you! It’s perfect for all types of people and all types of hair. With nine different hair fragrances to choose from, there is for sure a Hair Shots meant for just for you. I feel like the most universal hair scent I currently have in stock is Asian Green hair deodorizer. This one is perfect if you are wanting a clean and fresh scent. Seriously when I spray this one I feel like I just stepped right of the shower, even if I really just stepped out of the gym. My son loves this one as well, he sprays it everywhere. In his gym bag, in his shoes, in the bathroom – anywhere that stinks, he’s spraying Asian Green Hair Shots. My daughter loves this hair scent as well. Perfect smell from going straight from the park or beach right into dinner with friends. Who wouldn’t want to be able to make the most of their full and pack it full of activities. We work too hard during the week not to have the most fun over the weekends!

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See you next week,