Fresh Hair, Don’t Care

I have fresh hair all the time. I’m serious, even when It’s Sunday and I washed my hair on Friday. I mean, it’s looking fresh and I just went through a weekend full of activities. THAT’s the magical power of Hair Shots. I toss in a little dry shampoo to liven up the volume again and then I spritz in my favorite hair perfume.

fresh hair

Back to Nature with Fresh Hair

This week I have been stuck on Asian Green scented hair spray. I just can’t get enough of that cool rain forrest and pure nature vibe. And since we are in a rainy season it just feels right.

This hair scent grabs you close and makes you think of adventure mixed with cozy snuggles listening to the rain. What? Those two things don’t go together? Well good thing messy hair and fresh hair can be the same! All thanks to a little bottle of magic. I think that’s what I might start calling them now!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to in this messy weather and how I handle my messy hair each day. You can also keep up with me and all Hair Shot shenanigans on Facebook. I kind of want to see how long I can go without washing it…and I’m not worried. I’ll always have fresh hair with Hair Shots.

See you next week,