Great Smelling Hair Comes With Great Responsibility

great smelling hair With great smelling hair comes great responsibility. Shhh. I did not just quote Spiderman. Okay, maybe I did. But I have a point!

I want you to think about something. And this is for those of you who are dedicated Hair Shots wearers. The ones who wear a spritz every day. How many of those days do people ask you…”who ate a cupcake?” Or, “why does your hair smell like candy?” Or maybe, “what perfume are you wearing? It’s incredible!” Because I get them all the time! And so do my friends. So I’m calling all of you out! I need your help in spreading the name of Hair Shots. We have to save all the smelly heads! Lol! Make sure you answer those questions with your favorite hair perfume.

You know, I once heard a story of two girls who became friends at church because of Hair Shots. I’m serious! They both used them and smelled them on each other when they passed by. Those girls live in Nashville, but because of Hair Shots, learned they were from my hometown in Dallas and had mutual friends! How cool is that? So just think of what other shenanigans you might find yourself in with your top pick scented hair mist.

So be sure to pick up your best today and leave a comment telling me something wonderful that happened while you were wearing it.

See you next week,