The Hair Deodorizer That Keeps the Lice Away!

Something that I knew I wanted to focus on when creating a hair perfume that picks up where shampoo leaves off, was making sure I made something that had multiple abilities. And a major goal was having Hair Shots to also work as a lice deterrent. I’ve dealt with lice in that past and it is no joke. Hair Shots needed to be a hair deodorizer as well as a perfume. It needed to smell amazing but scare off the bugs. Keep the stink out and keep the creatures out.

Hair Deodorizer Love

There are moments where I second guess myself and think, did I do it? Did I actually accomplish what a wanted? So I turn to you guys. My friends and family and strangers who love and use my products on the daily. I love hearing from you guys the most. You remind me why I created this product and to keep pushing forward in creating a sold hair care tool for years to come. And when I heard from Jessica Martin-Steakly, I knew I’ve been on the right track this whole time. Here’s a letter I received from her recently.

hair deodorizerDear Hair Shots,

I truly LOVE and appreciate your products soooo much. We started using Hair Shots right before my (boy/girl) twins started kindergarten because our stylist suggested them as a good lice preventative.  I was freaking out over the potential lice exposure at the new school.  This mama really doesn’t want to put all those harsh chemicals on them if I don’t have to.   Plus, the lice are supercharged now and resistant to treatments.  I was willing to try whatever within reason.  So I purchased HAIR SHOTS and we have been using them SUCCESSFULLY since kindergarten, they are now in 4th grade….no lice🙌🙌🙌.  Every teacher has complimented how nice my kiddos smell.   We have LITERALLY had an outbreak of lice in every single classroom we have been in.  My daughter has very long hair and one student who sat right next to her had a lice outbreak and the family couldn’t get rid of them easily.  They had to do multiple treatments.  My pediatrician said YES it’s happening all the time now and the lice are not responding well to normal treatments.  It’s a real problem!  They refer to them as “super lice”….uhhh no thank you!!  I’m sure my daughter was exposed to it, but she NEVER got LICE.  I’m sooo thankful!!  Our favorites are the apple pear and citrus sugar (they smell amazing). I also love that they are gender neutral so they can both use it without smelling too girly or boyish.  All the other products I researched either had an icky smell or chemicals I wasn’t happy with.  From one Mom to another GET THEM!!!  They are 1000% worth it.  My kiddos now refer to the as their “BUG SPRAY”🤣 and I just go with it.  I won’t ever run out.   I order them 2 at a time now and they last a really long time for us like 9-12 months. Get them!!
#CheaperThanTreatment #LiceFreeIsTheWayToBe #BugSpray #HairShotsRock

Jessica! Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m forever grateful that Hair Shots has been such a constant in your life. Continue spreading the love!
Have you had a similar experience using Hair Shots? Comment and let me know! I want to hear from you all.
See you next week,