Hair Fragrance: Going Beyond Just for Kids

hair perfumeI first made my hair fragrance for my daughter. For kids involved with school sports or who get very active during recess. This is a product for little girls and boys who like to play. But then I realized how much I loved the scents too. Why can’t I wear Cotton Candy hair shots for a night out with friends? Who’s to say I’m not allowed to smell like a beach day with Coconut Mango hair perfume while sitting in my cubicle at work? No one!

Hair Perfume for Everyone

What started out as creating something for my kids that I didn’t see in any stores is now something the whole family can use. Anyone from the age of 2 to 92 (yes, just like Santa Claus!) can use Hair Shots. I say 2 mostly because I love the way babies smell. Haven’t figured out how to bottle that yet…

Sure I have fun smells like Watermelon and Strawberry, but I made Bamboo and Asian Green with my adult friends in mind. You can smell how ever you want, but I was thinking of you while in the lab! These scents are also more gender neutral so little boys all the way up to grandpa’s can keep the freshness going. Hair Shots are also for more than just your noggin. They work perfectly in refreshing up a pair of sneakers, a sweaty gym bag, even a stale smelling car. And don’t forget! They are also pet friendly! Sorry friends, I don’t always have time to wrangle my monster of a dog and give him a bath. Hair Shots it is!

Comment below and let me know how your family uses Hair Shots and I’ll be in the lab cooking up a new flavor!

See you next week,