Hair Perfume is the Best Hiking Buddy

Can we just talk about how great the weather is right now? It’s raining, the heat is wearing off, and we can finally go outside and not be miserable! You know what this means right? That I’m enjoying the outdoors so much more. I finally want to actually go outside and see the world. So I’ve pulled out my hiking boots, grabbed my backpack, filled the water bottle, and thrown in my favorite hair perfume…Bamboo.

hair perfumeHair Perfume, Nature Bloom

When I’m outside I just want to become one with nature. Sure, that sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. I want to fully immerse myself into the wonders that are the trees, the birds, the dirt, the flora, the rocks, all of it. I want to get lost. But not too lost to where I can’t find my way back home! Get in touch with Mother Nature.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m hiking is waiting until I get to the very top of the hill or mountain before really taking a breath. Waiting until I’ve reached the peak and I can see all the way out, miles and miles of outstretched land before me, pausing, and then taking a big breath. Really bringing in my surroundings into my soul. Then I stay very still, very quiet, listening to the world speak.

Now I’m not able to do that every day. I wish. Thankfully, I’ve got bamboo hair fragrance. This particular scent always takes me back to those moments. I keep it with me while hiking, making sure to spray it in before I start of course. But on days when I feel trapped inside, I break it, take a zen moment for myself, and remind myself of what peace really feels like.

What helps you find peace? Comment below and let me know!

See you next week,