Hair Fragrance Filled Spring Break!

Ok I realize we are still in February…but it’s very very very late in the month and March begins this weekend! And March means Spring Break! And Spring Break means vacation time! Which also means packing, packing, packing. So who do you go to for your on the go hair fragrance?

Hair Shots of course you goobers! I am fully stocked and ready to help you choose your perfect spring time hair scent spray. If you are off to the beach, Coconut Mango hair perfume has got to be your first choice! It will go great will all those fruity drinks and floral-y bikini’s. Headed to the winter white slopes? Asian Green and Bamboo hair sprays are perfect to help you really connect to nature…or you know, the trees hidden below many feet of snow. 

Where ever you are headed in the next few weeks I wish you all happy and safe traveling and click here to purchase your perfect fragrance for hair! 

See you next Monday,