Hair Fragrance and its many, many ways!

Hair Fragrance is a magical, wondrous product, let me tell you. I mean how many items in your house do you you own, that serve more than one purpose? Well Hair Shots is your new best multipurpose friend.
hair fragrance

Hair Fragrance Uses

For the obvious use, you have a scented hair spray. Spruce up any look and stay fresh all day long with scents like Asian Green and Coconut Mango.

Another wonderful use of this odor eliminating spray, is to spray it in your shoes! Totally knocks out any lingering smells from an intense work out or long days work. I’ll even spray it in my closet every now and then to keep it from smelling musty. (ain’t too bad to spray it in a bathroom also!)

Now to all you pet owners out there, if its safe for a human’s then it’s safe for your pet’s fur too! I love spraying Cupcake on to my pup to keep him smelling way better than he usually does. Honestly, you all need to get on this trend.

Let me know in the comments below what new use you have found your hair fragrance! I always love to hear new ideas.

See you next week,