Hair Freshener Halloween and Other Spooky Things

Happy Hair Freshener! I mean Happy Halloween….but hair perfumes are happy too. What will everyone be dressing up for this year? Last year I dressed as a 1920’s flapper girl. This year I think I may go as a spooky witch. I love classic costumes, Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, a Zombie, or some old school Disney villains like Ursula or Cruella de Vil. This holiday is such a fun time to let your imagination run wild. Become something you only ever dreamed of and actually make it happen! But you could do that every day if you really wanted. I did. I saw a problem and created something to fix it.

hair freshenerHair Freshener Fun

I’m talking about Hair Shots of course! This week I’m getting into the haunted season with Apple Pear hair fragrance and Cotton Candy scented hair spray. These two scented hair mists are the perfect choices for trick or treating because it’s all about getting that candy and some caramel covered apples! But be on the look out…there’s always some villain trying to hand out poison apples! So maybe grab your friend who is dressing up as a detective and have them help you out! So watch lots of scary movies this week, get a sugar rush, drink too much soda and have fun! Also be safe. I love you all and Happy Halloween!

See you next week,