Hair Fragrance: More Than Just For Your Hair!

hair fragranceHair fragrance is a way a life as this point. Could you agree? I think so. I mean before I walk out of the bathroom, I open up my cabinet to pick my poison. There are NINE to choose from each day! I mean my hair can smell like a different hair scent every day of the week. I love it. And since there are so many wonderful hair perfumes I love, I’m very glad that they can all be used for more purposes.

Hair Fragrance Has Many Uses

Whaaaaat, you say? I thought hair fragrance, was just that, hair fragrance? Wrong, my little friends! These sweet babies can be used for many other things! One of my favorite uses is to use it on my clothes and shoes as well. For example, recently the weather was warm and then got cold so quickly! So I had to pull out an old coat from the back of my closet and boy was it musty. But I needed it that very moment! No time to wash! So I grabbed Bamboo hair perfume and spritzed a little bit all over it and bam, refreshed new coat. I smelled amazing all day! Made drudging through the miserable freezing weather just a bit more bearable. And don’t forget to spray it into your stinky boots too, hello fresh feet.

I’ve also started spraying Hair Shots around my living room too for a little aroma boost in my favorite place to relax. It’s like creating a spa in my own room. Then there’s my gym bag, that needs help too. Oh and the bathroom. And inside my beanie. I mean that just makes sense, just heightens what I’ve already sprayed on my hair!

Where else do you spray your hair fragrances? Comment below and let me know what I’m missing out on!

See you next week,