Hair Perfume is a Gym Bag Necessity

hair perfumeHello my hair perfume loves. Does anyone do hot yoga? I sweat so much when I do that. But it makes me feel like I had just the best work out ever. Hair Shots is always in my bag though! The best classes are in the morning. And I don’t always have time to wash my hair fully before getting the day started. You know me, I gotta stay busy!

I love a good yoga class. And pilates. And yogalates! Love me a good combo class. I think the reason I love yogalates so much is how easy the instructor makes it seem. A good class in my opinion makes me feel like I hardly did a thing and then in the morning when I’m all sore I know it worked! It’s like tricking myself into working out. Because some days I am not in the mood. There’s also something peaceful about yoga. Really taking an hour to myself to focus back, get things aligned, and just take a moment to breathe before the crazy starts.

I’ll need something yummy to breathe in too. Since fall is upon us I am in a major mood for apple pie. So much so I already made one this week. I just couldn’t wait for the weather to get cold. I did have ice cold vanilla bean ice cream as a companion though! And nothing pairs better with an apple pie and an embrace of colder weather like Apple Pear hair perfume. With the sweetness of the apple and crisp freshness of the pear, this is the perfect scented hair mist to follow a yoga class.

Comment below about what your favorite work out class to attend is! Is there a new fitness trend I need to try out? And which hair perfume will be your gym bag necessity?

See you next week,