Perfume Hair Mist Feels Like a Vacation for Your Locks!

Hello my little darlings. I am living for Asian Green perfume hair mist this week. It is quickly becoming my life saver. With all this crazy rain and trying to grasp onto the last few days of summer this hair fragrance is truly my saving grace.

Perfume Hair Mist for All Your Days

perfume hair mistDo you know how difficult it is to stare at me computer all day just praying it turns into an ocean? VERY. I think you can all relate. What I love so much about the Asian Green hair shot is that the moment the scent hits my nose I am instantly transported to a rainforest. I can picture the enormous trees and I can the tropical birds chirping. The subtle rain drop dripping away while I stare at luminescent flowers. I’m connected to our Earth as the raw nature fills my senses. Talk about a way to destress. And by spritzing in 3-4 sprays in the morning, my whole day gets to feel like that! It’s also my way of tricking my self I’ve just stepped out of the shower with freshly washed locks. Because who has time to wash their hair everyday? Plus I’ve been told it’s healthier to wash every other day after all, so really I’m just super on top of things…right?

Asian Green makes me feel like I’ve got it all together. What flavor of Hair Shots makes you feel like you can take on the day no matter what happens? Comment below!

See you next week,