Hair Perfume Spray Meets Spark Hot Yoga

Hello hair perfume spray friends! Happy Sunday! Have you guys been sticking to your new year’s resolutions to get back into shape? Or stay focused on a workout plan you had started in 2018? I hope so! I hope all the best for you all. Well, if you are living in the great state of Washington, do I have a treat for you. Meet Spark Hot Yoga!

Hair Perfume Spray Loves Yoga

hair perfume spray and spark hot yogaSpark Hot Yoga is located in two wonderful cities, Snohomish and Marysville. With open arms welcoming everybody and every body, you are sure to find home at Spark. Have you guys ever tried hot yoga? I have! It’s an incredible experience and you leave feeling like you really put in the work. Because you did! The heat actually helps your muscles by increasing your flexibility and strength. And of course, nothing releases stress and tension like a good yoga session.

hair perfume spray and spark hot yogaAnother great thing about Spark is their in studio yoga supply store. In which they of course carry Hair Shots! This week I am all about Asian Green hair fragrance. I feel like this particular hair scent just fits perfectly with the yoga lifestyle. Asian Green infiltrates your senses with the smells of the rainforest. Sometimes I feel like I can even hear the soft rainfall. I feel one with nature. I know, that sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth! I can feel it from the top of my sweaty head down to my little toes. Now isn’t that perfect kind of smell you want when you’re sweating in hot yoga? I think so!

Comment below with your favorite yoga pose and let me know if there are any new ones I should give a shot.

See you next week,