Hair Scents and Cotton Candy Fun

Happy day my hair scents friends! I am just in an absolute wonderful and fun mood. And I want to do all the activities. I am down to go on an intense hike or sit on the beach or even run around an escape room! If you are wondering, what has got Amy all hyped up? Well I’ll tell you! It’s Cotton Candy hair perfume!

hair scents and hair shots beautyCotton Candy Flavored Hair Scents

I know what you are thinking, how does a single hair fragrance create such a desire to get out of the house and change out of sweatpants on a weekend? Which I know, sweatpants, couch blankets, and a good movie is my usual ideal weekend. But Cotton Candy hair fragrance cannot live on the couch.

This full of life and sweetness hair spray needs to live out loud! And outside! With a scent like this flowing off of your gorgeous locks, you’ll let adventure take you where it leads. I know the weather has gotten most of down lately. Can I get an amen? But with Cotton Candy perfume for hair, you’ll be re-sparked in no time. Just taking a whiff of it now already gets me amped. The scent is light, airy, and subtle at first. Someone walks by and thinks, “is someone eating cotton candy nearby?” Nope! It’s you! How fun is that?

So get out there and find what you love! Will you be using Cotton Candy this week with me? I sure hope so!

See you next week,