Perfume Hair Mist Sugar Crush!

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s because I still have literal mounds of leftover candy from Valentine’s or what, but I have been having the biggest sweet tooth all week. All I can think about is fruity candy sweet goodness and the perfume hair mist to match. No really.

Perfume Hair Mist Sugary Feels

perfume hair mist and sweet hairSo here’s where our fantastic hair fragrance bundles come in. I know, I get it, shopping online is hard. Especially when you fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes and they come in far too many colors to choose. But you want them all. You have to have them all! Well ta-dah, Hair Shot bundles! Why choose just one perfume hair mist, when you can have three? Or all of them. But for the purpose of this blog, let’s go with three. Ha!

And this week I’m highlighting the Sugar Crush bundle. Oh my goodness my dentist would kill me if she thought these flavors were actually the only foods I was eating. Good thing they are hair products. First up we got Strawberry. Yes, I know it’s a fruit, but it’s the sweetest fruit! Second in the group is warm vanilla-y Cupcake. Can you smell it already? Third and final, wash your hands because here comes sticky Cotton Candy. It’s not actually sticky but it smells just like the real thing you think it might be! With this bundle, your locks will be luscious and delicious!

So if you have a sweet tooth that needs fixing, you know where to go. And it’s not the dentist. You can save that for next month. We have 6 different bundle variations and I’m sure there’s one perfect for you! Comment and let me know which batch is your favorite!

See you next week,