Hair Scent Summer Fun

hair scent and lifesyleWow can you believe it’s June tomorrow? Call me hair scent shocked because I just don’t believe it. Time flies while you’re in quarantine. But thankfully places are opening up and then before you know it, it’s gonna be Thanksgiving I swear.

Hair Scent Summer

One thing to look forward to though is summer. Warm days, fresh fruit, long days…I can’t wait! And by warm days, you know I mean hot and sweaty days! Here comes the days of 100 degree and more weather. Ya’ll know I’ll be outside as long as I can be after months of being cooped up. So ya’ll know I’ll be sweating! So I’m thinking for June I’m going to be all about Citrus Sugar hair perfume. It will be my summer signature hair scent. It’s a perfect combo of sweet and tangy, just like my favorite flavor of wings. Also like myself after a nice day on the beach. Sweet because I’m all tan and relaxed, tangy because I’m real sweaty and sandy. A dream combination really, if you ask me.

The best part is, I can spritz in my hair fragrance a few times in the morning and then I’ll be set for the whole day! Don’t you just hate having to run back to the house or car from the beach? It’s such a pain so you always make sure to bring everything with you. Well as long as you spray in some Citrus Sugar before you head out the door, you will be set to smell excellent all day long. The more you sweat, the more you smell sweet!

So, what are your big summer plans this year? That tropical vacation may have gotten put on hold, but I know most stateside beaches are back in business! Plus, there’s always your aunts pool. That’s who’s pool I use at least. Let me tell you, in Texas, you always know someone who has got a pool. Time to buddy up to them real quick. Let me know those summer plans! Maybe I’ll steal a few. Comment below with your answer and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,