Hair Mist with Another Quarantine Holiday!

Memorial Day and Hair mistHello hair mist lovers. If you have been following along you know I have been praying to God and begging the universe to get us out of this quarantine before we have to hit anymore holidays. Yet, here we are again. It’s Memorial Day weekend folks.

Hair Mist Celebrates Memorial Day

Who are you honoring and remembering this weekend? Are you able to spend today with those you love most? I know that in some parts of the states you are able to go out and be on the lake or at the pool, while other places you still have to stay apart. I know it will be a really tough weekend for a lot of people for many different reasons. But this weekend let’s focus on having our health, family, and friends. Especially the ones who keep picking up after we have FaceTime called them 100 times. Ya’ll the real MVPs.

Let’s also focus on the food. My favorite part of any holiday. I don’t know about you, but I have been doing all the quarantine baking. So I have made an abundant amount of cupcakes for this weekend. They are my absolute favorite dessert and the the obvious inspiration behind my Cupcake hair perfume! I just love that warm vanilla flavor and smell. Who wouldn’t want their hair to smell like that? Plus you know I’ve been spraying that hair mist all over the house. It’s just too irresistible.

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See you next week,