Memorial Day and Memorable Scented Hair Sprays

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that I feel most people don’t pay too much attention to, other than it being a Monday off work. But it’s a very important day for the United States. And I know you might find it silly that I’m bringing this up on a blog about scented hair sprays, but I speak my mind! I have friends and family who have served in the armed forces and lost ones to the service as well. We wouldn’t be the country we are today without them.

scented hair sprays So tomorrow, for the actual day, I encourage you all to hold your beloved ones close! Go outside and be kind to those around you. Think about this wonderful country we live in and everything we have in our lives that make us blessed. Enjoy your picnics full of yummy food like fresh watermelon and strawberries. Just like the spritz of a Hair Shots! I’m a proud American with a hair scents company that I started in my home. A home I wouldn’t have without men and women giving their lives for my freedom. Now that’s something to think about folks.

I would love to hear any stories about how our veterans may have affected your life and what you are doing this week to remember then. Comment below!

See you next week,