Spotlight: Cupcake Hair Perfume

So who likes having their cake and eating it too? I do! I do! I do!

959953390_1374303766bottle-cupcakeWell, lucky for you, I created a solution. CUPCAKE flavored Hair Shot! It’s a party in your hair. No, really, party hardy. This scent is a classic sugary smell of awesomeness. It’s the perfect one for girls in the locker room or girls headed out for a night on the town. You are sure to grab the eyes of any passerby with this yummy scent filling up each room you enter! 

So, if you love smelling all warm and vanillary (which is a real word that I will use forever now), grab yourself a bottle of Cupcake and bring on sweater weather! Say goodbye to the beach and hello pretty leaves…and delicious baked goods.

After beautifying yourself with this delectable Hair Shot, hit me up and let me know what your favorite fall treat is! Is it pumpkin flavored anything (guilty!) or do you prefer to snuggle up in a great scarf and watch the leaves fall? Let me know!

See you next Monday,