Spotlight: Cotton Candy Hair Shots

Guess what starts this weekend?! The TEXAS STATE FAIR YA’LL.

Now I realize that not everyone who reads this blog or buys the sprays is from Texas, so you have to understand that this is a huge deal! So OF COURSE, we are spotlighting the Hair Shot COTTON CANDY this week! Yippee the fair!

tumblr_m7mph846I31rtsh9do1_400bottle-cottoncandyAnd knowing Texas heat very well, I can guarantee that I and whoever else heads out this year, will be sweating up a storm! So naturally Cotton Candy is the perfect scent to spray in and go to the fair. I’m sure there will be lots of other smells out there too (hint, hint: farm animals!) so smelling fresh and candy-licious is a must!

Opening day is Friday, September 27 and runs until October 20. Can’t wait to head out and consume way too many calories!

I’ll be grabbing my Cotton Candy, what will you eat up this fair season?

See you next Monday,


p.s. Oops, it’s Tuesday! I wrote this yesterday thinking I posted it, then realized today I had simply saved it as a draft! I’ll do better next Monday I promise!