Spotlight: Strawberry Hair Fragrance

Sliced-Strawberries-HD-Wallpapers-1-2Oh folks guess where I was this weekend? The fair of course! You didn’t think I could mention it and then not go? I hope not. I have to tell you though, the amount of fried food available was absolutely astounding. I thought I would gain a million pounds just from smelling them all. But, I had to try at least one thing. So I went for what I already know and love, fried Nutella! Which, believe it or not, is the reason I have chosen the scent STRAWBERRY to highlight this week. I chose this scent because the fried Nutella came covered in scrumptious strawberries! It was desert heaven I tell ya. 

The smell of those strawberries pulled me right back into summer bliss minus the minor detail of it already being fall! But hey, that’s perfect for you summer loving folks. 

bottle-strawberryAre you dreading the intense amount of pumpkin flavored stuff and pumpkin decorations out the wazoo? Then you need to grab the strawberry scent Hair Shot! This rich fruity yumminess will send you straight back to the lake with memories of tubing and sun soaking. And fall will be just a mere thought in the back of your ocean dreams. 

See you next Monday,