Hair Mist Spray Will Be Your Day to Day

Can you believe it? School is back in session! Which means that those fall sports are getting back in action as well. So grab your bag and your favorite hair mist spray and let’s get in those laps. Or hoops. Or touchdowns. Or volleys. I clearly know soooo much about sports. Well enough to follow along and know what’s happening! After all, this is all started with a volleyball game and a way too early in the morning practice schedule.

Hair Mist Spray Days Ahead

hair mist spray Honestly, I can’t wait until we are in full swing Friday night lights mode. Sitting in the stands, the smell of hot dogs and cotton candy. And giant pickles. Everyone is cheering and having just the best time. That’s what I love most about fall sports, everyone coming together under one goal. It’s unbelievable.

What sports are you looking forward to the most at the start of this school year? My son was the football player, but my daughter played volleyball all year. Now I know I’ve told this story a million times so I will tell it one more time. My daughter’s volleyball team is where Hair Shots all started. She had early morning practices and very little time once those ended and school began. Some would go as far to say no time to wash hair? You betcha! Enter hair perfume. Getting rid of that stink and getting the day started with a fresh scent. Anything that can help you stay focused and get those good grades sounds like a good plan to me!

Comment with below what extracurriculars you are going to be participating in this fall! Even theatre and arts kids get smelly!

See you next week,