Hair Perfumes: More Than Smelly Good Stuff

So you love Hair Shots. Who doesn’t? But you may be thinking to yourself, “this smells great and all, but is that it?” “Does this thing even have any benefits?”

Benefits galore my ladies! I always say, my hair perfumes and fragrances pick up where shampoo leaves off! And this is what I mean by that. That not only do my scented hair sprays leave your hair smelling delicious, but it actually masks the smell of sweat. So, the more you sweat, like if you are outside for a long time, playing sports, running, etc., the more you smell the scented sprays. That’s what I love most about them because maybe you’re in the office all the busy long day and have dinner plans. But no time to shower or really freshen up…so you can spray in some Asian Green Hair Shots and smell like you just stepped out of the shower! Or maybe you are like my good friend who is a preschool teacher smelling like 4 years old after a long day. A few quick sprays of Coconut Mango Hair Fragrance covers up that sticky glue from crafts smell real quick. Good as new my ladies.

Here’s another amazing feature that I know moms will love. My perfumes for hair…deter lice! They do! Can you believe it? How great is that for the younger kids? So obviously this means you will be needing every single scent to spray every single day! Buy online or check here for in-store locations!

See you next week,