Summer Uses for your Fragrance Spray for Hair

Ahhhh summer. My favorite season. Well, at least at the moment. It’s almost July and the love of the sun fragrance spray for hairis going strong. Also, maybe, my skin hates it. I got a little sunburned yesterday…oops! Anyway, most of June I’ve spent at the lake. And yesterday I realized another moment where my fragrance spray for hair comes in perfectly. Sometimes, after a lake day, I go straight back out into the world to dinner or to meet friends or whatnot. And leave no time to shower….so hello Hair Shots! Who wants to smell lake-y? No, yesterday after the lake when I met up with my friends for a movie, I smelled like Bamboo fragrance spray for hair. Yummy. And no on was the wiser. It was glorious. I love being sneaky…

Also later this summer, I’ll be hitting up the beach. And I don’t know about you, fragrance spray for hairbut the beach does wonders to my hair. That salty air and sea curl up my hair just nicely and I don’t always want to wash it after a day out. Because it looks marvelous! So this summer when I head to the beach I’m packing my Coconut Mango hair perfume because obviously that’s the beachiest. Well, I’ll probably toss in Citrus Sugar fragrance spray too. I mean, think of all the lemonade that will be drunk while on the beach? Why not smell just as good?

So now I want to hear from you! Where are you going this summer? What adventure will you be taking your Hair Shots on? Anyone headed to the volcanoes of Hawaii? The mountain trails in Costa Rica? The busy city of Paris? Or maybe just taking your boat on the lake like me? What’s your go-to summer fragrance spray for hair? Let me know!

See you next week,